Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tom Daley Training Routine

Many of us wonder how Tom maintains that excellent physique, well if you've been searching you are in luck! Check out the training routine that Tom follows to get him to Olympic awesomeness and looking fabulous along the way.

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Tom Daley Fully Clothed

We know that Tom Daley looks great in a speedo but he also looks great with this clothes on! We like his sense of style and who could resist that smile?

That color blue is a great shade for Tom and the fitted shirt and jeans hug his body nicely. You can tell he has a killer bod even with his street clothes on!

Great Pool Workout

Great Pool Workouts

Did you know that a swimming pool is the perfect place for body sculpting? Water is about 800 times denser than air, providing much more resistance. Another benefit is a water workout is much easier on your joints because there is virtually no impact.

The Plan

In order to do these workouts you will need a pool that’s at least four feet deep. Perform each exercise in a set without any breaks. Before you start, warm up by swimming a few laps or doing a light jog for 3- 5 minutes. Perform the three sets back to back, take a three minute break and then repeat the sets in reverse.

Tom Daley Workout

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tom Daley, Hottie in the Making

Each year Tom Daley becomes more attractive. What most of us wouldn't give to have those abs, that chest, etc.  We also love Tom's little swimsuits and think he pulls them off so well.  I used to work with a woman that thought speedos on men were gross and even hot men shouldn't wear them. Well she obviously has never seen Tom Daley!  So what is this blog all about you may be asking? The first purpose is to keep up with Tom, but we also want to use Tom as a muse of sorts. How can we take the positive that Tom Daley radiates and incorporate that into our own lives. We may not be able to have it all: looks, fitness, drive, like Tom does but we are sure we can break things down so you can see some benefits.